About Us

Luis Alberto Urrea gives the opening keynote to Muse and the Marketplace 2019

My Passion

Passion means different things to different people. To me, being passionate means bringing inspiration and learning to everything I do. Writing does that for me. Whether it's journaling, blogging, creating social media campaigns and web content, or simply sending a letter home, I love to write. I'm also working on my first novel; watch this space.

Meeting two wonderful authors: Jenna Blum, The Lost Family, Whitney Scharer, The Age of Light

My Community

When I'm not writing, I'm reading! I host a monthly book club for a local group of friends and post reviews on our Facebook page @WineAboutABookClub. I've also recently launched a kids' book club for younger readers. Book Zoomers meets virtually every other week during the school closure. Nothing makes me happier than book launches where you'll find me cheering loudly for the authors! I'm also a regular on the volunteer team at Muse and the Marketplace where I thrive on the wonderfully creative energy of the writing industry. 


Giving Back

 I am extremely grateful for the opportunities available to me. I'm also acutely aware that they are a privilege. Around the world, children with special needs and their families struggle for equality but in Uganda they struggle to survive. Today nearly one million children remain hidden, locked in homes, victims to inhumane healing practices, institutionalized, abused, and excluded. Embrace Kulture works to develop a culture of acceptance in East Africa, where children with special needs are embraced for what makes them unique. I am proud to be a volunteer on the Board of this not-for-profit organization @embracekulture.org